Tuesday, July 26, 2011

3 Important Tips for an Effective Banner

If you want a versatile and cost effective method of catching prospective customers’ eyes, banners may be just the thing you’re looking for. As well as being fully customisable to suit your business’ needs, they can be folded up and moved around with ease.

It’s important to make sure your banner reads well, though. The below, spotted by myself on a trip to Japan, makes little sense. The creator can be forgiven considering translation is a tricky task, and not within all companies’ budgets, but it teaches us some important lessons:

1. Use Spell-check
It’s easy to miss spelling errors in a document, but luckily almost all word processing software these days has built-in spell-check capability.

2. Check Apostrophes
“Dave’s Vegetables” is correct, “Dave’s Vegetable’s” or “Daves Vegetable’s” is not. The apostrophe can be tricky to get the hang of, but it can make a banner look unprofessional if used incorrectly!

3. Have it Proofread
Have someone else read the banner text before sending it off to be printed. This will highlight spelling and grammatical errors and allow you to change them before it’s too late.

So when you're designing your next pull up banner, sure, the images are important, but be sure not to overlook the details of the written copy. After all, that's what gets your message across... Sayonara!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Presenting Your Image To The Public

With any business, presentation is everything and getting business in can often depend on how you're presenting yourself. External advertising along your storefront can really catch the eye and it has the added bonus of being one of the most cost effective ways of getting people into your storefront. It's still necessary to know how to place them because if it's not properly done then you're attempts can end up being counterproductive.
Keeping your advertisings simple is important. You don't want incredibly elaborate designs that take the chance of confusing your prospective clientele as to what you're actually selling. Whether it's in a presentation meeting, tradeshow displays, or outside your store, the same rule always applies. The overall approach should never be clutter. Keep it neat and simple. Use bold images with larger than life titles and you can really catch the public's eye.

Stay current with your advertising. If you have the same billboards, signs, and displays up day-after-day and it's the same every month, you're not going to seem like you've updated your store. People will likely assume that if you haven't changed your advertising, then you likely haven't changed your selection of products either.
Try and keep it seasonal. This doesn't mean that you have to spend tons on marketing every season. You can reuse the same displays. If you don't have the room for it then consider Toronto storage units to house your displays until the next season rolls around. That way you can keep your business continually up to date and looking fresh.

Advertising is expensive and there are more cost-effective ways to advertise your wares. Some businesses might be afraid that the presentation could be adversely affected when going the, do-it-yourself route, but this isn't always the case. You can pay an artist, graphic or otherwise, to create artwork for a nominal fee. Once you have the artwork, you can then have the image/images blown up at a local copy shop. Most of these copy locations can print to very large sizes. From there you can also save a lot of money by purchasing the board yourself and mounting it. This will cut down on costs and keep you from paying a marketing or graphic design company tons of money. Which route you go is up to you.
Seeing is most definitely believing and no matter what your product or service. Using varying types of displays and ads which have a much greater impact of your overall message, as well as sales. The overall idea is to engage your customers and doing this through multiple means, such as media presentation, is one of the very basics of sales and marketing. Follow some of these useful tips towards reinforcing your communication efforts and, whether your business is large or small, getting the word out there is essential and sometimes an effective image can make a world of difference.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Effective Ways to Use Pull Up Banners

One of the most effective ways to bring attention to your business is by using pull up banners. As an attractive, cost effective option which some would say is underused, pull up banners have the potential to cheaply spread your message to many customers if properly used. Below are some effective ways to use pull up banners to get the word out about your business.

1. Use pull up banners to advertise special events.
As a unique form of advertisement that really draws the eye, pull up banners should be used judiciously to avoid overshadowing the actual product or business being advertised. If a pull up banner is used to advertise something like a special event or a holiday sale, you assure that you will stand out from the crowd during these busy times without overusing the medium.

2. Use pull up banners to soft sell.
Many times, pull up banners should not have a hard sell marketing message on them. As the pull up banner will naturally draw the eye into the direction of the business, it is sometimes smart to continue to hold the attention of the potential customer by offering a quote or a humorous comment on the pull up banner itself. Many consumers are immediately turned off by hard sell marketing messages; however, a humorous comment can be just the thing to maintain top of mind consciousness in potential consumer long enough to bring them into the store and complete a purchase.

3. Use pull up banners inside of stores for clarification purposes.
Pull up banners are also effective inside of stores to help customers. Popular items that people are always trying to find can be easily pointed out with a message on a pull up banner. Help preserve your manpower by putting the answer to an oft asked question on a pull up banner to save your sales associates the trouble of having to answer it over and over.

4. Use pull up banners to notify customers of sales.
Pull up banners are quite effective in driving sales of loss leader items once a potential consumer has entered the store. Use the instant notoriety of a pull up banner to lead consumers directly to a sale item, placing complementary items strategically close by. This has the effect of encouraging the consumer to come up with his or her own ideas about the complementary sales, which will drive purchases without a hard sell.

5. Use pull up banners to give directions to your store.
People always appreciate helpful information. Help your potential consumers find you by strategically placing pull up banners around your store vicinity to guide people in. They will appreciate the customer service and the professionalism.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Catching Attention with Pop Up Displays

When you are engaged in a marketing campaign, it is vital that you grab the attention of all prospective clients. One way to generate interest in your products and services, whether you are at a trade show, or trying to entice visitors to your brick and mortar location, is to make use of pop-up displays

Pop-Up Displays and Trade Shows
Trade shows are great places to use pop-up displays. These displays are usually three-dimensional, and often free standing -- although there are displays that can be attached to shelves or other structures. For the most part, these types of displays are easy to transport and set up. They are visually attractive, since they use color and images to draw the eye. This provides you a great opportunity to make new contacts and even find new business.
These types of displays are available in all shapes and sizes. There are even some pop-ups that feature lights. A back lit pop-up displays can be quite striking, and different effects can usually be created. The more unique your pop up is, the more likely you are to get attention. Your creativity can also be a perfect way to sell yourself and your product or service.

Tips for Effective Pop-Up Displays
If you want your display to be effective, you will need to make sure that it does a few things. Of course, you want it to be attractive, but there are other items to keep in mind as you plan your pop-up display:

* It should answer the questions Who? and What?: An effective pop up display provides someone else a clear idea of who you are and your services. Make sure that your business, product or service is clearly defined.

* It should be simple: Don't get too complex. While there are some neat effects that you can add to your pop-up display to make it stand out, don't get too carried away.

Keep things as simple as possible, because you don't want your viewers to feel over stimulated. Think about one aspect that you want to highlight and focus on that. Avoid clutter on your display and take advantage of white space.

* Readable font: Double check your display to make sure that the font is readable. You don't want it to fade into the background, or be the wrong size. Make sure the colors in the font don't clash with the background, and make the color tones match the mood of the display. You wouldn't want to use neon colors for a serious advertisement.
* Don't forget to include your website: Your display should include your website and any other relevant information. Make sure that your pop up display includes information about contacting you, including an physical address, if you have one.

Pop up displays are great marketing tools. When used correctly, you will draw positive attention and possibly make more sales.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gather a Crowd at Your Next Trade Show Event

In our media-saturated modern era, you really need to plan carefully to make your firm’s trade show booth stand out from the rest of your competitors. You can’t just build the same old type of display that’s worked for years. Each year, you need to have something different, something that presents your company in a different light that’s more in tune with the cultural and artistic trends of that year. But, whatever you choose to do, you’ve got to have an integrated approach that’s not simply based on having a cool-looking booth, or some fun activities. You need to combine those two elements with a well-trained staff that will serve to funnel the maximum number of attendees into your booth so that they can be exposed to your company’s message.

Good crowd-gathering can start even before people enter the convention center or trade show venue. You can establish a presence outside with advertising trucks driving around with posters or artwork on them. If you can afford it, put up a huge media backdrop or have large ads on display in the lobby. Try to create a sense of excitement in the people who are just arriving. Having a prime location is another excellent strategy. Be close to the main entrances. You’ll have a harder time attracting good crowds if you’re stuck off in a corner of the exhibit hall.

Music and sound effects are two great adjuncts to whatever visuals your booth designers have created. It should be loud enough to be heard, but not ear-splittingly loud, as that will drive people away. But, however loud you decide to make your soundtrack music, be sure that it’s some kind of high-energy music, techno, fast pop music, rock, or country. Now is not the time to be playing dreamy, contemplative music. You want to get noticed don’t you?

Then, once you have your booth ready, and you’ve chose some compelling music to draw people in, what else do you need to do to make your booth get noticed in a giant exhibition hall where dozens, maybe hundreds of other vendors are all competing for attendees’ attention? Your staff can be your secret weapon for gathering crowds.

In order to generate the kind of crowds you need to make your booth seem really exciting, you need to position some crowd-gatherers by the entrances to direct attendees to your booth. Once the crowds start appearing there, you need presenters and booth ambassadors (pretty girls are always popular for this) to move them inside the booth to experience what it has to offer. You can have product demonstrations, video displays, interactive games, or giveaways.

Having some inexpensive (yet very impressive) premium to give away is a great way to attract crowds. At the beginning of the show, be lavish in the number of items you give away. The beginning of the first day of any trade show is a great way to circulate your company’s name and logo on products like hats, T-shirts, lanyards, flash drives, coffee cups, even products that may not have anything to do with what your company actually does, like Frisbees, stress balls, or foam rubber airplanes. But, if it’s cool and fun, it’ll seem more desirable, and that will generate word of mouth. People see something neat at trade show displays and they’ll ask the other person where they got it, and Boom! You’ve got another person headed in your direction.

You need to have selected your staff very carefully for events like this. It’s best to send out a mixed team of salespeople, charismatic presenters and booth ambassadors, product experts, and perhaps one or two people who are experts in whatever field your company specializes in who can be there to educate the public about why your particular brand of widget or service is so darn special that they just have to have it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Roller Banners UK - Easy To Use and Very Affordable Systems

Business leaders are now searching for new strategies to market their products and services in a cost effective manner. The roller banners high season is off to a fantastic start as the United Kingdom shows signs of exiting The Recession. Business leaders are now looking to capitalise upon the economic uncertainty earlier than their competitors.

Roller banners are a low cost and reusable advertising platform used by marketing professionals that want to showcase a business product or service. Return on investment can easily be achieved with roller banners because they are low cost. Many businesses only need to complete one new sale to cover the cost of purchase.
Portable displays are used by professional sales people to build rapport and trust with prospects off site. Good sales people know advertising to a captive audience increases the likelihood of new business sales. Salesmen take portable display equipment with them to where their target audience to generate business enquiries which lead to profitable sales.

Roller banners can be designed with attractive artwork to persuade and attract onlookers to buy. These types advertising systems can be found at specialist exhibitions, conferences and seminars where they play the crucial role of setting the stage for a sales team.

Roller banners come in a range of sizes from 0.8m – 1.5 m wide. Bigger banners have a bigger punch because the advertising area is bigger. Single sided and double sided systems are available with various different base profiles to suit personal aesthetic requirements.

The best roller banner print quality is usually achieved using a large format UV printer whilst printing onto 230mic stop light material. UV printing seals the ink on the banner material which ensures graphics are scratch resistant and water repellent. Unlike paper, stoplight material (similar to photograph paper) is strong, durable and looks the business.

About The Author:
Ben – MD at Ultimate Banners, Roller Banners UK

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Creative Trade Show Marketing Tips

As an exhibitor at a trade show, you want everyone in attendance to pay attention to your booth. As an attendee, every booth starts to look the same pretty darn quickly. This is why it is so important that you go above and beyond when marketing your booth at any event. The more creative you get with your approach to getting people interested in your booth, the better your success will be at the trade show. Here are a few of our creative trade show marketing tips to help you when preparing for your next trade show.

Create a visually stunning trade show display

If your booth stops people in its tracks then they are going to notice you. Chances are they might even remember you. Do what you can to make your trade show display stand out from the crowd. Some ideas for building a display or media backdrop that will get attention include:
  • Take ideas from the art world instead of the world of advertising. Everyone at the trade show is advertising what they have to offer. They’re taking their cues from the advertising and marketing gurus. Be different and look at ways to show off your stuff that are inspired by art galleries and interior design magazines.
  • Be bold with your colors. Go for the fancy graphics done in unusual color combinations when designing your trade show displays. These will certainly attract attention.
  • Make use of video, lights and audio where allowed. Not all venues will let you distract trade show attendees this way but those that will are offering you a chance to demand attention.
Go high-tech to get trade show attention

In today’s world, the quickest way to get attention from your potential customers is to use today’s technology. This is true at trade shows. Some high-tech ideas for marketing at trade shows include:
  • Use interactive multimedia presentations when doing demos at your trade show booth. Set up a few laptops at your booth and offer people a way to use them to better understand your brand.
  • Use real-time technology to update people who are not at the event about what’s going on there. Live blogging and video streaming of your demos will market your trade show activities to a broader audience.
  • Make use of mobile technology. Use mobile apps to connect with trade show attendees and drive them to your trade show display. You can use various apps to advertise your brand, announce drawings happening at your table and just remind people to come check out what you have to offer.
Remember the value of the face-to-face connection

Despite the value of being high-tech, you don’t want to forget person-to-person marketing. Hire some cute, friendly folks to hand out fliers and direct attendees to your booth. Host an after-show event with free cocktails and do some major networking with trade show attendees. And present yourself in an upbeat but not excessively enthusiastic way to everyone who comes to the table. A good personality makes a regular trade show display memorable.

Have experience creating a visually stimulating and interesting display? What did you do, and how successful was it?

About the Author:
Dennis Nixon is the Sales Manager at Smash Hit Displays, a trade show display company for vendors throughout the United States.